Tuesday, 31 March 2009

new years

i know it was yonks ago but whos stopping me bragging on about it...
here is my evening summed up in a few points:
-went to lourne in australia for new years
-planned to sneak into falls festival because didnt have tickets
-running over falls festival staff and sneaking into campus did not go as planned
-drive back to lourne
-walk aroung lourne high-street
-bump into santogold
-sit in same cafe as santogold
-talk to santogold
-give santogold our numbers
-alex kapranos from franz ferdinand so happens to be on the otherside of the window
-say hello to the franz crew
-walk around beach
-receive phone call from santogolds manager
-meet up with santogolds manager who gives us all access backstage passes
-hitch-hike to falls festival
-hang backstage with mystery jets
-best new years...ever.

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